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Preferring an integrated approach means that all the required services you will get in one place.

High-quality web-presentation is not sufficient to reach the success, that is why we offer integrated internet solutions, that enable our customers to:

- expand your the service portfolio
- increase the efficiency of personal and corporate processes
- considerably enhance a competitive advantage and a common market position

Creating web design

Web design

From graphic design to project completion. A good site is your internet business card.

Graphics and DTP

Graphics and DTP

We create graphic design needs!

JK design studio offers professional image creation, editing, and customization for any projects, including comprehensive DTP project creation.

SEO and marketing

SEO and Content Marketing

Professional SEO Services!

SEO optimalizace provádíme na vysoce profesionální úrovni s aplikací vlastních analytických a systémových nástrojů.

Technická podpora Vašeho webu

Technical support

With us you are always in control.

Comprehensive support of your site guarantees proper performance of the site – this is a 100% guarantee that your site will be stable in all environments. We can also consult you on any questions relating to the performance of your site.

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creating and redesign website

Creating / reDesign website

Moderní webdesign a profesionální tvorba webových stránek.

coding work (X)HTML/CSS

Coding work (x) html / css

Modern coding!

Modern and valid code for your website. Correct portrayal on desktops, tablets, smartphones according to the modern standards.

Web programming

Web Programming

Individual web programming!

Individual programming for business tasks. This is the offer for those who want to receive the most from the opportunities presented by the internet. Development of a unique configuration system that takes into account characteristics of your business processes and designed and optimized specifically for your company or organization. All your needs and requests are realized during the program creation.

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